Here's another Pokemon forum, it's full of nice people. Please feel free to come on in and ask questions, chat with other people, share opinions, give comments, etc. As long as it's reasonably on topic, it's fine. You can talk about the game or the show, or both, it's not really restricted.

Although I guess I should put down a few rules. Nothing too painful. ^_^. Try to be considerate of other people. Arguments are just fine, since everyone has different opinions and it's nice to talk them out. But try to restrict flaming; a forum full of flames isn't a terribly fun place to be. Also, I'd prefer it if you kept swearing to a minimum and remember, post nothing inappropriate for people under 18.

If you post a message that has no text in the body of the message (ie a one-line reply that you have put in the subject), it'd be good if you could put n/m or n/t (no/message or no/text) so people can know not to click on the topic. Also, OT (Off Topic) is good to use for marking posts that have nothing to do with Pokemon.

Now, there's a page where you can get to find out what you're letting yourself into. *lol* Who are we? is a page for the people of the forum. It was made by Mary, one of the regulars.

A tip: Look at the profiles and keep note of who our favourite Pokemon are. So you can keep your life by not insulting any of them. *grins*

The moderators of the forum (ie we can check IPs, delete posts, ban people - a rarity, and change layouts) are me (Leto) and Cathy.

Anyway, now that I've finished prattling... come on in!

Pokéchat Discussion Forum

We now have a chatroom, Literal Pokéchat

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